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Welcome Everyone to the I Heard You Like Cobble Website!

We are a Vanilla Minecraft survival server with a hint of command block fun
from our admins!

We are mainly want to have a good community and a bunch of people building, surviving, and thriving in the land of Minecraft!

Also wanted to say that this website isn't for whitelisting or getting into the server. It is just for news, communications, and donations. So if you are new and want to join, please ask on the forum page linked here:
 http://www.minecraftforum ... cobble-vanilla-1-8-1

1. Be Respectful
2. No Griefing
3. No Stealing
4. No Acts of Douche Baggery

5. Have a good time and make friends!

This server is meant for having fun and making friends so please don't be a jerk and ruining everyone's good time on the server!

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